Video Girl AI Live Action 1991 [DVDRIP/ENGLISH HARDSUB SkewedS]

Alternative title:

電影少女(ビデオガール) (Japanese)
Genres: romance
Plot Summary: Yota is a total loser with girls, one day after the love of his life [Moremi] confesses her love to his best friend, he comes across a video store. He finds a video and plays it on his broken VCR, bringing Ai Amano to life. She tries to help him win Moemi’s heart, but falls in love with him instead. Watch as love makes twists and turns in this romance/comedy. Nudity is included.

1991-11-08 (video release)
Premiere date:

1991-06-29 (Japan)
Japanese staff
Japanese cast
Kaori Sakagami as Ai Amano
Ken Osawa as Youta Moteuchi
Hiromi Hamaguchi as Moemi Hayakawa
Naoki Hosaka as Takashi Niimai