Watashi wo Hanasanaide TBS Winter Drama 2016


Kyoko (Haruka Ayase) keeps an eye on the man on the operating table. She holds no emotion on her face. She looks like she gives up on everything. Kyoko has a mission. That mission is …

20 years ago, Kyoko, Tomohiko and Miwa lived and studied at the Yoko Institute. The school is isolated from the world and located on the mountain. Their principle, Ebisu Kamikawa (Yumi Asou), tells the kids “since you were born, you have a mission.”


  1. Based on the novel “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro (first published in 2005 by British publisher ‘Faber and Faber’).


Never Let Me Go-Haruka Ayase.jpgNever Let Me Go-Haruma Miura.jpgNever Let Me Go-Asami Mizukawa.jpgNever Let Me Go-Rio Suzuki.jpgNever Let Me Go-Tsubasa Nakagawa.jpg
Haruka AyaseHaruma MiuraAsami MizukawaRio SuzukiTsubasa Nakagawa
Kyoko HoshinaTomohiko DoiMiwa SakaiKyoko Hoshina (young)Tomohiko Doi (young)
Never Let Me Go-Sakura Mizuki.jpgNever Let Me Go-Yumi Asou.jpgNever Let Me Go-Masahiro Komoto.jpgNever Let Me Go-Ayumi Ito.jpgNever Let Me Go-Umi Yamano.jpg
Sakura MizukiYumi AsouMasahiro KomotoAyumi ItoUmi Yamano
Miwa Sakai (young)Ebisu KamikawaJiro YamazakiRuko HorieKatsue
Never Let Me Go-Sei Matobu.jpgNever Let Me Go-Emma Burns.jpgNever Let Me Go-Homma.jpgNever Let Me Go-Kokone Hamada.jpgNever Let Me Go-Kika Kobayashi.jpg
Sei MatobuEmma Burns[[]]Kokone HamadaKika Kobayashi
Never Let Me Go-Tatsuki Ishikawa.jpg
Tatsuki Ishikawa

Additional Cast Members: