Water Boys Collection Season 1 +2 + SP Fuji TV drama


Men’s synchronized swimming? The movie “Waterboys” was a major hit in Japanese movie theaters. And now, two years after that dazzling debut, another hot summer has arrived! It’s got synchronized swimming, it’s got the passion of close friendships, it’s got romance. Here’s genuine entertainment about those exciting and emotional teen years! Two years ago in summer, the activities of five high school students turned a little country town on its ear. Most people imagine that dancing in the water is reserved to women. These youths overturn that common sense in taking on the challenge of men’s synchronized swimming. Their passion eventually moves the hearts of many people, causing a stir of emotion in the town. And now, two years later, this cute drama about young people tells the story of the young boys who inherited their passion, with freshness, fun, pathos and lots of other feelings.


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