What A Wonderful Family! 3: My Wife, My Life [BR-RIP/720]

  • Movie: What A Wonderful Family! 3: My Wife, My Life (English title)
  • Romaji: Tsumayo Baranoyouni Kazoku wa Tsuraiyo III
  • Japanese: 妻よ薔薇のように 家族はつらいよIII
  • Director: Yoji Yamada
  • Writer: Yoji YamadaEmiko Hiramatsu
  • Producer: Hiroshi Fukazawa
  • Cinematographer: Masashi Chikamori
  • Release Date: May 25, 2017
  • Runtime: 123 min.
  • Genre: Drama / Comedy / Family
  • Distributor: Shochiku
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

At the Hirata home, three generations of their family live together. A crisis ensues when one afternoon, housewife Fumie (Yui Natsukawa) falls asleep and wakes up to find a thief has stolen her secret money she kept hidden in the refrigerator. She saved the money steadily over time. Her husband Konosuke (Masahiko Nishimura) incredulously asks “You saved up money from my earnings?” Fumie becomes upset and leaves the house. The whole family soon falls into a state of chaos because of her absence.


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What A Wonderful Family 3-Isao Hashizume.jpg What A Wonderful Family 3-Kazuko Yoshiyuki.jpg What A Wonderful Family 3-Masahiko Nishimura.jpg What A Wonderful Family 3-Yui Natsukawa.jpg Tomoko Nakajima
Isao Hashizume Kazuko Yoshiyuki Masahiko Nishimura Yui Natsukawa Tomoko Nakajima
Shuzo Hirata Tomiko Hirata Konosuke Hirata Fumie Hirata Shigeko Kanai
What A Wonderful Family 3-Shozo Hayashiya.jpg What A Wonderful Family 3-Satoshi Tsumabuki.jpg What A Wonderful Family 3-Yu Aoi.jpg What A Wonderful Family 3-Nenji Kobayashi.jpg What A Wonderful Family 3-Jun Fubuki.jpg
Shozo Hayashiya Satoshi Tsumabuki Yu Aoi Nenji Kobayashi Jun Fubuki
Taizo Kanai Shota Hirata Noriko Mamiya Tsunoda Kayo

Additional Cast Members: