Yakou Kanransya 2013

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“Yakou Kanransya” follows three families who reside in the wealthy residential neighborhood of Hibarigaoka: the Endo family, Takahashi family and Kojima family.

Mayumi Endo (Kyoka Suzuki) has dreamt of living in Hibarigaoka and is finally able to build a home there. Meanwhile, Mayumi’s daughter Ayaka, who failed her high school entrance exam, inflicts domestic violence upon her mother. Neighbors can hear an angry voice.

Meanwhile, the Takahashi family lives across from the Endo family. The Takahashis consists of the father who is a doctor, the mother, daughter who attends the elite private high school that Ayaka failed to get into and a son who is good in sports. Their house is spectacular and they appear perfectly happy.

One day, the father in the Takahashi home is murdered. Detectives believe the killer is an acquaintance of the murdered father. Then, the son, who is presumed to have been at their home when the murder occurred, goes missing. People begin to think that the son killed the father.


  1. Based on novel “Yakou Kanransya” by Kanae Minato (published June 2, 2010 by Futabasha Publishers Ltd.).


Ferris Wheel at Night-Kyoka Suzuki.jpg Ferris Wheel at Night-Yuriko Ishida.jpg Ferris Wheel at Night-Hiroyuki Miyasako.jpg Ferris Wheel at Night-Shota Yasuda.jpg Ferris Wheel at Night-Ayaka Endo.jpg
Kyoka Suzuki Yuriko Ishida Hiroyuki Miyasako Shota Yasuda Hana Sugisaki
Mayumi Endo Junko Takahashi Keisuke Endo Yoshiyuki Takahashi Ayaka Endo
Ferris Wheel at Night-Karen Miyazaki.jpg Ferris Wheel at Night-Taishi Nakagawa.jpg Ferris Wheel at Night-Tetsushi Tanaka.jpg Ferris Wheel at Night-Mari Natsuki.jpg Ferris Wheel at Night-Katsunori Takahashi.jpg
Karen Miyazaki Taishi Nakagawa Tetsushi Tanaka Mari Natsuki Katsunori Takahashi
Hinako Takahashi Shinji Takahashi Hiroyuki Takahashi Satoko Kojima Tetsuya Yuki
Ferris Wheel at Night-Keiko Horiuchi.jpg Ferris Wheel at Night-Keisuke Minami.jpg Ferris Wheel at Night-Riko Yoshida.jpg Ferris Wheel at Night - Yakou Kanransya-Kotaro Koizumi.jpg
Keiko Horiuchi Keisuke Minami Ai Yoshikawa Kotaro Koizumi
Shoko Tanaka Wataru Fujikawa Shiho Murata Ma-kun

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