Yasuko to Kenji NTV Fall Drama 2008


Kenji (Masahiro Matsuoka) used to be the leader of a motorcycle gang, but became a girl’s comic artist after losing his parents due to a sudden accident at 19. He risks his life to defend his younger sister, Yasuko (Mikako Tabe), and pokes his nose into everything about her. They are constantly fighting because Yasuko, a high school student, is totally fed up with Kenji who is an excessive interference like a father.

Erika (Ryoko Hirosue) used to be a leader of a women’s motorcycle gangs and she, now manages a flower shop. Her super-good-looking younger brother Jun (Tadayoshi Okura) is a high school student. Erika still has feelings for Kenji as in the past. but when she meets him, she ways hurtful words to him, which are opposite from her true feelings. On the other hand, Yasuko falls love with good looking Jun at first sight.

What is in store in the future for Erika who cannot be honest about her straightfor- ward but awkward feelings of love toward Kenji? How will Yasuko and Jun’s first love result?



  • Ep. 01: My older brother used to be in a biker gang!
  • Ep. 02: The confession of a pure-hearted female biker gang boss !
  • Ep. 03: Rampage!! The arranged marriage strategy: fried eggs of tears
  • Ep. 04: A teary-eyed birthday present for my little sister
  • Ep. 05: Tsubaki’s rival in love!? I’ll protect Yasuko
  • Ep. 06: The pure love between two ex-yankees is lost
  • Ep. 07: They know his true identity!? The cosplay double strategy
  • Ep. 08: For you, brother! A teary-eyed manga illustrator comeback strategy!
  • Ep. 09: A sad conclusion… Save your younger sister’s first love!!
  • Ep. 10: The fate of a 10-year love… We’ve got you covered, brother!