Nogizaka46 Yumiki Nao to Yamitsuki-chan – Episode 01-17

Nogizaka46 Yumiki Nao and other members will experience the “deep world” taught by “Yamitsuki Chan”!

A program that listens to unknown values from people who find fun and enjoy life as Yamitsuki, commonly known as “Yamitsuki-chan”, and actually try it. The stage is a fictional house where Nogizaka46 Yumiki Nao lives. While chatting with the members who came to play, we received deliveries that “may buzz in the future” or “have already begun to buzz”.

There are popular goods and books, devices and ingredients that I have never seen, and sometimes human beings themselves! ?? The person who delivered it was a person who was completely addicted to something, commonly known as Mitsuki-chan.

Experience the “deep world” taught by Yamitsuki-chan for the first time, and the appearance and facial expressions of Yumiki and other members will be revealed! ??


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