10 no Himitsu – EPISODE01-10 [COMPLETE]

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Keita Shirakawa (Osamu Mukai) works as a building inspector. He is a single father, who has raised his 14 year-old-daughter Hitomi (Anna Yamada) alone since his divorce with his ex-wife Yukiko Sendai (Yukie Nakama). Yukiko Sendai works as a corporate lawyer for a large construction company. After his ex-wife left him, Keita Shirakawa has place his daughter as a priority in his life. He is an ideal father to her. One day, Keita Shirakawa receives a phone call. The caller informs him that “I have your daughter. If you want to save her life, go to your ex-wife.” While looking for his daughter, Keita Shirakawa learns a secret about his ex-wife. He also knows that his daughter has a secret.


  1. “The Secrets” takes over Fuji TV‘s Tuesday 21:00 time slot previously occupied by “He Who Can’t Marry Season 2” and followed by “Detective Yuri Rintaro” on June 16, 2020.


The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Osamu Mukai.jpg The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Yukie Nakama.jpg The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Riisa Naka.jpg The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Atsuro Watabe.jpg The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Anna Yamada.jpg
Osamu Mukai Yukie Nakama Riisa Naka Atsuro Watabe Anna Yamada
Keita Shirakawa Yukiko Sendai Nanako Ishikawa Ryuji Utsunomiya Hitomi Shirakawa
The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Hokuto Matsumura.jpg The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Tsuyoshi Takashima.jpg The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Akane Hotta.jpg The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Hana Kawamura.jpg The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Yuya Endo.jpg
Hokuto Matsumura Tsuyoshi Takashima Akane Hotta Hana Kawamura Yuya Endo
Tsubasa Date Hideaki Iwaki Aoi Nasu Mai Izumisaki Kenichi Nihonmatsu
The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Yuko Natori.jpg The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Shiro Sano.jpg The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Mitsuhiro Fujiwara.jpg The Secrets (Japanese Drama)-Umi Yamano.jpg
Yuko Natori Shiro Sano Mitsuhiro Fujiwara Umi Yamano
Junko Shirakawa Yutaka Naganuma Teruo Ishikawa Chiaki Ishikawa

Additional Cast Members:


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