Barakamon – EPISODE01-11 [COMPLETE]

  • Drama: Barakamon
  • Romaji: Barakamon
  • Japanese: ばらかもん
  • Director: Keita Kono
  • Writer: Satsuki Yoshino (manga), Kumiko Aso
  • Network: Fuji TV
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: July 12, 2023 —
  • Runtime: Wednesdays 22:00
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Seishu Handa (Yosuke Sugino) is a young calligrapher and he is a successor in calligraphy. He is recognized for his work and has the respect of others. But, he experiences a setback. Although he has lived in the city all of his life, he decides to go to an in island that is part of the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture and live there alone. Seishu Handa believes he can spend his time peacefully there in solitude and practice his calligraphy. Reality is different for him. His neighbors, who are full of different personalities and free-spirited, visit him uninvited and hang around him. Seishu Handa gets confused by the unfamiliar situations on the island and their unique customs. He becomes involved with various troubles, but, with the support of the islanders, he also grows as a person and a calligrapher.


  1. “Barakamon” takes over Fuji TV‘s Wednesday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “Mr. Bride.”
  2. Based on manga series “Barakamon” by Satsuki Yoshino (published 2008 – 2018 in Gekkan Shonen Gangan).


Barakamon-Yosuke Sugino.jpg Barakamon-Ririsa Miyazaki.jpg Barakamon-Hana Toyoshima.jpg Barakamon-Hana Kondo.jpg Barakamon-Keito Tsuna.jpg
Yosuke Sugino Ririsa Miyazaki Hana Toyoshima Hana Kondo Keito Tsuna
Seishu Handa Naru Kotoishi Miwa Yamamura Tamako Arai Hiroshi Kido
Barakamon-Azuki Terada.jpg Barakamon-Osamu Kao.jpg Barakamon-Towa Kato.jpg Barakamon-Kazuki Iio.jpg Kaori Yamaguchi
Azuki Terada Osamu Kao Towa Kato Kazuki Iio Kaori Yamaguchi
Hina Kubota Kosaku Kotoishi Kentaro Ohama Yujiro Kido Tomoko Kido
Barakamon-Machiko Washio.jpg Minami Tanaka Barakamon-Akiyoshi Nakao.jpg Barakamon-Towa Araki.jpg Barakamon-Kenichi Endo.jpg
Machiko Washio Minami Tanaka Akiyoshi Nakao Towa Araki Kenichi Endo
Yasu Nomura Ikue Komoto Takao Kawafuji Kosuke Kanzaki Seimei Handa
Barakamon-Min Tanaka.jpg
Min Tanaka
Ryunosuke Yagami



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