Daibyoin Senkyo – EPISODE01-10 [COMPLETE]

  • Drama: Captured Hospital (English title)
  • Romaji: Dai Byoin Senkyo
  • Japanese: 大病院占拠
  • Director: Taro OtaniYoshinori ShigeyamaRyo Nishimura
  • Writer: Teppei Fukuda, Kenta Tateuchi
  • Network: NTV
  • Episodes: 10
  • Release Date: January 14 – March 18, 2023
  • Runtime: Saturday 22:00 – 22:54
  • TV Ratings: 7.1%
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Saburo Musashi (Sho Sakurai) is a detective and he is on an administrative leave. He is estranged from his wife Yuko Musashi (Manami Higa). She is a cardiac surgeon at a hospital. One day, an armed group, who are all masked, takes over the hospital. The doctors, including Yuko Musashi, hospital staff, and patients are held hostage by the group. Saburo Musashi goes up against the armed group to rescue the hostages.


  1. “Captured Hospital” takes over NTV‘s Saturday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “Patient Chart Prayer” and followed by “Dr. Chocolate” on April 22, 2023.


Captured Hospital-Sho Sakurai1.jpg Captured Hospital-Manami Higa.jpg Captured Hospital-Honoka Yoshida.jpg Captured Hospital-Sakura izumi.jpg Captured Hospital-Jin Shirasu.jpg
Sho Sakurai Manami Higa Honoka Yoshida Sonim Jin Shirasu
Saburo Musashi Yuko Musashi Emiri Musashi Sakura izumi Shunsuke Sagami
Captured Hospital-Mayu Miyamoto.jpg Gunpee Captured Hospital-Hiroyuki Hirayama.jpg Captured Hospital-Atsuro Watabe.jpg Captured Hospital-Kanji Tsuda.jpg
Mayu Miyamoto Gunpee Hiroyuki Hirayama Atsuro Watabe Kanji Tsuda
Saki Suruga Renji Shima Kazuki Tamba Takeshi Bizen Sadaharu Harima
Captured Hospital-Yu Inaba.jpg Captured Hospital-Masanobu Sakata.jpg Captured Hospital-Hideyuki Kasahara.jpg Captured Hospital-Eriko Nakamura.jpg Captured Hospital-Kazunari Uryu.jpg
Yu Inaba Masanobu Sakata Hideyuki Kasahara Eriko Nakamura Kazunari Uryu
Noboru Wakasa Minoru Sawatari Daisuke Tosa Kana Iwami Shiro Osumi
Captured Hospital-Kumi Kureshiro.jpg Captured Hospital-Mariko Tsutsui.jpg Captured Hospital-Rio Asumi.jpg Captured Hospital-Fuma Kikuchi.jpg Captured Hospital-Shugo Oshinari.jpg
Kumi Kureshiro Mariko Tsutsui Rio Asumi Fuma Kikuchi Shugo Oshinari
Shiori Aki Michie Nagato Yui Inaba Blue Demon / Koichi Yamato Red Demon / Takashi Mimasaka
Captured Hospital-Becky.jpg Captured Hospital-Sei Matobu.jpg Captured Hospital-Shuji Kashiwabara.jpg Captured Hospital-Kenji Mizuhashi.jpg Captured Hospital-Nana Asakawa.jpg
Becky Sei Matobu Shuji Kashiwabara Kenji Mizuhashi Nana Asakawa
Black Demon / Misaki Iyo Whit Demon / Yuriko Hyuga Yellow Demon / Kimiaki Settsu Ash Demon / Kiyoshi Hitachi Peach Demon / Arisa Hitachi
Captured Hospital-Kanro Morita.jpg Captured Hospital-Yosuke Omizu.jpg Captured Hospital-Jun Murakami.jpg
Kanro Morita Yosuke Omizu Jun Murakami
Orange Demon / Ryusei Kaga Tea Demon / Yugo Kaga Green Demon / Makoto Suou

Additional Cast Members:


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