Get Ready! – EPISODE01-10 [COMPLETE]

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Eisuke Hazama (Satoshi Tsumabuki) runs the bakery Casa Branche and works as a patissier there. In his other life, Eisuke Hazama uses his skilled hands as a surgeon and leads a private medical team that includes Nurse Saki Yoda (Nao Matsushita) and hacker Gohito Shirase (Wataru Hyuga). Eisuke Hazama is extremely talented as surgeon and his team members are excellent in their roles. The team performs medical operations illegally. For their troubles, the medical team receives exorbitant pay from their patients. Another member of the medical team is Jo Shimoyamada (Tatsuya Fujiwara). He is friends with Eisuke Hazama and works as a lawyer. He negotiates with patients wanting the operations.


  1. “Get Ready” takes over TBS‘ Sunday 21:00 time slot previously occupied by “Atom’s Last Shot” and followed by “The Last Man: The Blind Profiler” on April 23, 2023.


Get Ready-Satoshi Tsumabuki.jpg Get Ready-Tatsuya Fujiwara.jpg Get Ready-Nao Matsushita.jpg Get Ready-Wataru Hyuga.jpg Get Ready-Ami Touma.jpg
Satoshi Tsumabuki Tatsuya Fujiwara Nao Matsushita Wataru Hyuga Ami Touma
Eisuke Hazama Jo Shimoyamada Saki Yoda Gohito Shirase Minamo Shimazaki
Get Ready-Takeshi Kaga.jpg Get Ready-Hayate Ichinose.jpg Get Ready-Manami Hashimoto.jpg Get Ready-Masei Nakayama.jpg Get Ready-Yuta Tanokura.jpg
Takeshi Kaga Hayate Ichinose Manami Hashimoto Masei Nakayama Yuta Tanokura
Michizo Kenmochi Jion Someya Fumi Hashimoto Yoichi Ikuta Akira Shiodome
Get Ready-Rea Nagami.jpg Get Ready-Moe Yuki.jpg Get Ready-Kenichi Yajima.jpg Get Ready-Yuki Katayama.jpg Get Ready-Takuma Sugawara.jpg
Rea Nagami Moe Yuki Kenichi Yajima Yuki Katayama Takuma Sugawara
Nijie Daiba Reona Kenmochi Ryoichi Sakura Shinobu Kikukawa Takehiko Todo
Get Ready-Ryoya Yoshida.jpg Get Ready-Kouki Kawamoto.jpg Get Ready-Kotono Mitsuishi.jpg
Ryoya Yoshida Koki Kawamoto Kotono Mitsuishi
Takashi Kasu Tsugai Kuzu POC

Additional Cast Members:


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