Hatsukoi no Akuma – EPISODE01-10 [COMPLETE]

  • Drama: Love with a Case
  • Romaji: Hatsukoi no Akuma
  • Japanese: 初恋の悪魔
  • Director: Nobuo Mizuta
  • Writer: Yuji Sakamoto
  • Network: NTV
  • Episodes: 10
  • Release Date: July 16 – September 24, 2022
  • Runtime: Saturday 22:00-22:54
  • TV Ratings: 4.7%
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Four people from different police departments gather to uncover the truth in difficult cases. Suzunosuke Shikahama (Kento Hayashi) is a detective, but he is currently suspended because of a mistake on his part. He leads the group, that includes Haruhi Mabuchi (Taiga Nakano) from the Administration Department, Sesuna Tsumiki (Mayu Matsuoka) from the Community Safety Bureau, and Ruka Kotori (Tasuku Emoto) from Accounting. Although they all carry different personal issues, they use their unique deductive reasoning and perception skills to tackle difficult cases. Friendships & love also develop between them. A bigger truth soon threatens to swallow them whole.


  1. “Love with a Case” takes over NTV‘s Saturday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “Pandora’s Fruit” and followed by “Patient Chart Prayer” on October 8, 2022.


Love with a Case-Kento Hayashi.jpg Love with a Case-Taiga Nakano.jpg Love with a Case-Mayu Matsuoka.jpg Love with a Case-Tasuku Emoto.jpg Love with a Case-Hideaki Ito.jpg
Kento Hayashi Taiga Nakano Mayu Matsuoka Tasuku Emoto Hideaki Ito
Suzunosuke Shikahama Haruhi Mabuchi Sesuna Tsumiki Ruka Kotori Naruhito Yukimatsu
Love with a Case-Ken Yasuda.jpg Love with a Case-Yuko Tanaka.jpg Love with a Case-Yui Sakuma.jpg Love with a Case-Ryosuke Mikata.jpg Love with a Case-Catherine Seto.jpg
Ken Yasuda Yuko Tanaka Yui Sakuma Ryosuke Mikata Catherine Seto
Masumi Morizono Azuki Koarai Nagisa Hattori Tomoki Kuchiki Eiko Ojiro
Love with a Case-Minori Hagiwara.jpg Love with a Case-Jun Nishiyama.jpg
Minori Hagiwara Jun Nishiyama
Chihiro Nogami Leo Deguchi

Additional Cast Members:


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