Heaven?: My Restaurant, My Life – EPISODE01-10 [COMPLETED]

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Kan Iga (Sota Fukushi) works at a family restaurant. He is sincere, but rigid in his ways. He can’t even fake smiles for his customers. Kan Iga doesn’t have a good reputation with his co-workers or customers, but Kanako Kurosu (Satomi Ishihara) recognizes something in him. Kanako Kurosu is a mysterious woman. She tells Kan Iga that she is going to open a French restaurant soon and that “The staff needs originality. You will be a good service man.”

The French restaurant is located in a cemetery, which is itself away from the busy streets and residential areas. The staff at the French restaurant do not appear suited for such a restaurant. Taichi Kawai (Jun Shison) was once an apprentice to become a hairdresser. Keitaro Tsutsumi (Masanobu Katsumura) worked as the manager of a rice & beef bowl restaurant for 5 years. Yukio Ozawa (Yasunori Danta) worked as a chef, but all of the restaurants where he worked went out of business. Lastly, Shigeomi Yamagata (Ittoku Kishibe) worked as a sommelier after he retired as a bank executive. Why does Kanako Kurosu gather these people? Will the French restaurant open?


  1. “Heaven?: Gokuraku Restaurant” takes over TBS‘ Tuesday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “I Will Not Work Overtime, Period” and followed by “You, Me, and Bach” on October 15, 2019.
  2. Based on manga series “Heaven?: Gokuraku Restaurant” by Noriko Sasaki (first published from 1999 to 2003 in manga magazine Big Comic Spirits).


Heaven-Gokuraku Restaurant-Satomi Ishihara.jpg Heaven-Gokuraku Restaurant-Sota Fukushi.jpg Heaven-Gokuraku Restaurant-Jun Shison.jpg Heaven-Gokuraku Restaurant-Masanobu Katsumura.jpg Heaven-Gokuraku Restaurant-Yasunori-Danta.jpg
Satomi Ishihara Sota Fukushi Jun Shison Masanobu Katsumura Yasunori Danta
Kanako Kurosu Kan Iga Taichi Kawai Keitaro Tsutsumi Yukio Ozawa
Heaven-Gokuraku Restaurant-Ittoku Kishibe.jpg Heaven-Gokuraku Restaurant-Hiromasa Taguchi.jpg Heaven-Gokuraku Restaurant-Chika Uchida.jpg Heaven-Gokuraku Restaurant-Toshihiro Yashiba.jpg Haruka Ueda
Ittoku Kishibe Hiromasa Taguchi Chika Uchida Toshihiro Yashiba Haruka Ueda
Shigeomi Yamagata Katsuo Suzuki Hideyo Wada Shigeru Koeda Minori Miki
Heaven-Gokuraku Restaurant-Wataru Ohshige.jpg Heaven-Gokuraku Restaurant-Shishimaru Matsumoto.jpg Heaven?- My Restaurant, My Life-Hiroshi Tachi.jpg
Wataru Ohshige Shishimaru Matsumoto Hiroshi Tachi
Yohei Tsukikawa Daichi Takatoo mysterious gentleman

Additional Cast Members:


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