Kyoso no Bannin – EPISODE01-11 [COMPLETE]

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Tsutomu Koshobu (Kentaro Sakaguchi) is smart enough to have passed his bar exam at the age of 20. He also graduated at the top of the law department at Tokyo University. He had his choice of prestigious job opportunities, but he chose to work at the Fair Trade Commission. The commission is commonly called the Guardian of the Market. There, Tsutomu Koshobu works for the 6th examination team. One day, Kaede Shirokuma (Anne Watanabe) joins the 6th examination team. Kaede Shirokuma is a detective. While chasing a criminal, she failed to catch the criminal that was right in front of her eyes. She was then ordered to transfer to the Fair Trade Commission. Even though Tsutomu Koshobu and Kaede Shirokuma have totally different personalities, they team up to tackle difficult cases.


  1. “Guardian of the Market” takes over Fuji TV‘s Monday 21:00 time slot previously occupied by “My Ex-Boyfriend’s Last Will” and followed by “PICU: Pediatric Intensive Care Unit” on October 10, 2022.
  2. Based on novel “Kyoso no Bannin” by Hotate Shinkawa (published from November 22, 2021 to February 22, 2022 in monthly novel magazine Shousetsu Gendai).


Guardian of the Market-Kentaro Sakaguchi.jpg Guardian of the Market-Anne Watanabe.jpg Guardian of the Market-Eiko Koike.jpg Guardian of the Market-Koji Ookura.jpg Guardian of the Market-Seishiro Kato.jpg
Kentaro Sakaguchi Anne Watanabe Eiko Koike Koji Ookura Seishiro Kato
Tsutomu Koshobu Kaede Shirokuma Chiyoko Momozono Shinichi Kazami Kosuke Rokkaku
Guardian of the Market-Shinobu Terajima.jpg Guardian of the Market-Fumiyo Kohinata.jpg Guardian of the Market-Mario Kuroba.jpg Guardian of the Market-Ayaka Onishi.jpg Guardian of the Market-Moka Ishikawa.jpg
Shinobu Terajima Fumiyo Kohinata Mario Kuroba Ayaka Onishi Moka Ishikawa
Satoko Honjo Kiyomasa Todo Tetsuya Omori Eiko Midorikawa Mamori Konno

Additional Cast Members:


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