Promise Cinderella ~ EPISODE01-10 [COMPLETE]

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Hayame Katsuragi (Fumi Nikaido) is an ordinary housewife, but her husband suddenly informs her that he wants a divorce. He tells her that he has another woman that he wants to be with. Hayame Katsuragi is stunned and just leaves her home. While outside, someone pickpockets her and that leaves her without any money. She is now like a homeless person. At that time, she meets a wealthy male high school student. He asks her to play a game. If she plays the game, he will provide a place for her to stay.


  1. “Promise Cinderella” takes over TBS‘ Tuesday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “Why I Dress Up For Love” and followed by “Only Just Married” October, 2021.
  2. Based on webcomic “Promise Cinderella” by Oreko Tachibana (first published January 8, 2018 via Manga One).


Promise Cinderella-Fumi Nikaido.jpg Promise Cinderella-Gordon Maeda.jpg Promise Cinderella-Takanori Iwata.jpg Promise Cinderella-Katsumi Takahashi.jpg Promise Cinderella-Yoshiko Mita.jpg
Fumi Nikaido Gordon Maeda Takanori Iwata Katsumi Takahashi Yoshiko Mita
Hayame Katsuragi Issei Kataoka Seigo Kataoka Eiji Yoshitora Etsuko Kataoka
Promise Cinderella-Tomochika.jpg Promise Cinderella-Kanna Moriya.jpg Promise Cinderella-Koharu Sakai.jpg Promise Cinderella-Sayuri Matsumura.jpg Promise Cinderella-Rena Matsui.jpg
Tomochika Kanna Moriya Koharu Sakai Sayuri Matsumura Rena Matsui
Akemi Fujita Nozomi Chiba Akane Matsuno Mahiro Sakamura Kikuno
Promise Cinderella-Nobuaki Kaneko.jpg Promise Cinderella-Tsubasa Takizawa.jpg Promise Cinderella-Yuzuki Hirakawa.jpg Promise Cinderella-Yura Someno.jpg Promise Cinderella-Yuzu Aoki.jpg
Nobuaki Kaneko Tsubasa Takizawa Yuzuki Hirakawa Yura Someno Yuzu Aoki
Koya Kurose Kensuke Noda Momoka Adachi Chisato Shinozaki Kazuki Shimoyama
Promise Cinderella-Kai Inowaki.jpg
Kai Inowaki
Masahiro Imai

Additional Cast Members:


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