Tario Fukushu Daiko no Futari – EPISODE01-07 [COMPLETE]

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Mami Shirasawa (Minami Hamabe) became a lawyer at the age 20 and got a job at a large law firm. Thanks to the system of preliminary examination for judicial examination, she was able to become a lawyer at such a young age. She is knowledgeable enough to carry out her duties reliably, but she does not get any cases to work on.

One day, Mami Shirasawa finally gets a case, which another lawyer dropped. The client of the case is Eriko Watanuki. She was sexually assaulted by a man, who is the son of an owner of a large construction company. Her story has been twisted and the perpetrator has tried to cover up his crime by using his money and power.

Eriko Watanuki seeks out the help of a man from a revenge agency, which she found via the internet. Even though Eriko Watanuki sent money to the revenge agency, she does not see any results. Mami Shirasawa thinks her client was defrauded by the revenge agency. To take legal action for Eriko Watanuki’s case, Mami Shirasawa tells Eriko Watanuki to call out the man from the revenge agency. That man is swindler Kensuke Kuroiwa (Masaki Okada). Mami Shirasawa and Kensuke Kuroiwa happen to team up and take revenge on the man who assaulted Eriko Watanuki.


  1. “Eye For An Eye Revenge Agency’s Two People” takes over NHK‘s Friday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “Dear Patient.”


Eye For An Eye Revenge Agencys Two People-Minami Hamabe.jpg Eye For An Eye Revenge Agencys Two People-Masaki Okada.jpg Eye For An Eye Revenge Agencys Two People-Ayumi Ito.jpg Eye For An Eye Revenge Agencys Two People-Pistol Takehara.jpg
Minami Hamabe Masaki Okada Ayumi Ito Pistol Takehara
Mami Shirasawa Kensuke Kuroiwa religious leader Kanji Tanimura

Additional Cast Members:


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