Tenshoku no Maousama – EPISODE01-11 [COMPLETE]

  • Drama: The Expert of Changing Jobs
  • Romaji: Tenshoku no Maousama
  • Japanese: 転職の魔王様
  • Director: Takahiro HorieSyunpei Maruya, Shoichi Hosaka
  • Writer: Mio Nukaga (novel), Yoko IzumisawaHiroyuki Komine
  • Network: Fuji TVKTV
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: July 17, 2023 —
  • Runtime: Mondays 22:00
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Chiharu Hitsujitani (Fuka Koshiba) joined a big advertising agency after she graduated from a university. She experienced a hard time at her job due to harassment. After 3 years, Chiharu Hitsujitan decided to quit working at the advertising agency. She begins to work for a temp agency that is run by her aunt. There, she meets Arashi Kurusu (Ryo Narita), who works as a career adviser at the temp agency. He walks with a cane due to discomfort from his left foot, but he has a great reputation as a career adviser and his nickname is The Devil of Changing Jobs. He often makes biting remarks to people worried about changing jobs. Working with Arashi Kurusu and dealing with people who are looking to change jobs, Chiharu Hitsujitani also grows as a person.


  1. “The Expert of Changing Jobs” takes over Fuji TV‘s Monday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by “Logically Impossible! Detective Ryoko Kamizuru Is on the Case.”
  2. Based on novel “Tenshoku no Maousama” by Mio Nukaga (published February 6, 2021 by PHP Kenkyusho).


The Expert of Changing Jobs-Ryo Narita.jpg The Expert of Changing Jobs-Fuka Koshiba.jpg The Expert of Changing Jobs-Yuriko Ishida.jpg The Expert of Changing Jobs-Sayaka Yamaguchi.jpg The Expert of Changing Jobs-Taiyu Fujiwara.jpg
Ryo Narita Fuka Koshiba Yuriko Ishida Sayaka Yamaguchi Taiyu Fujiwara
Arashi Kurusu Chiharu Hitsujitani Yoko Ochiai Erika Hirosawa Sho Inukai
The Expert of Changing Jobs-Oideyasu Oda.jpg The Expert of Changing Jobs-Goki Maeda.jpg Shota Inoue The Expert of Changing Jobs-Ayaka Imoto.jpg
Oideyasu Oda Goki Maeda Shota Inoue Ayaka Imoto
Morio Yamaguchi Junya Yokoyama Hokuto Kiyokawa Minami Kiyokawa



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